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Fiat door interior handle frame

3d printable door handle frame for the Fiat 126, it should fit other fiats as well.

Continue reading for more images and the hi rez STL file for 3d printing.

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NR-1 Nuclear Submarine

Deep Submergence Vessel NR-1 was a unique United States Navy (USN) nuclear-powered ocean engineering and research submarine, built by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics at Groton, ConnecticutNR-1 was launched on 25 January 1969, completed initial sea trials 19 August 1969, and was home-ported at Naval Submarine Base New LondonNR-1 was the smallest nuclear submarine ever put into operation. The vessel was casually known as “Nerwin” and was never officially named or commissioned. The U.S. Navy is allocated a specific number of warships by the U.S. Congress, but Admiral Hyman Rickover avoided using one of those allocations for the construction of NR-1 in order to circumvent the oversight that a warship receives from various bureaus. More info on Wikipedia.

Submarine 3d Model
Rotate the model

This is a 3d printable model of the well known NR-1. The details are as faithful to the real thing as much as 3d printing requirements allow. The model details are improved for enabling an easier printing with minimal supports. There is also a 1meter hull available for R/C model builders.

Continue reading for more information and STL files

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