Red October

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your periscopes, because we’ve got a real treat for you today. Our website owner here has made a 3D model of the infamous Red October submarine. Yes, you heard that right. The submarine that almost started World War III, but with a funny twist.

Red October

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Why on earth would someone make a 3D model of a Russian submarine that doesn’t even exist?” Well, dear website visitors, I’ll tell you why. It’s because our website owner here has a serious obsession with all things submarine-related. And who can blame him? Submarines are basically like underwater spaceships, and who wouldn’t want to make a model of that? Before the model, lets talk about the movie first.

The submarine from the movie “The hunt for the Red October”

In 1990, Hollywood brought us the classic Soviet submarine thriller, “The Hunt for Red October.” Starring Sean Connery as a Russian submarine captain and Alec Baldwin as a CIA analyst, the film was a gripping Cold War tale of espionage and intrigue. But let’s be honest, it was also pretty darn funny.

For starters, the accents in this movie are absolutely hilarious. Sean Connery, a Scotsman, plays a Russian submarine captain who speaks English with a thick Scottish brogue. Meanwhile, Baldwin, an American, tries to sound like a Bostonian CIA analyst. The result is a lot of “Yahd” and “Cah” and “Pahked Cahs” that will have you giggling like a school kid.

But it’s not just the accents that make “The Hunt for Red October” such a comedic masterpiece. The film also has some truly ridiculous plot points. For example, at one point, the Russian submarine actually hides itself in the underwater canyons of the Atlantic Ocean. Because apparently, submarines can just disappear in a few hundred feet of water, no problem.

Continue reading for downloading the single piece hi rez STL. There is also a multi-piece version for easy printing and obtaining a model with animated parts, opening missile silo doors, escape pods, dive planes, propellers. You can get it from here. You can also get the our Typhoon and Red October sub models as a bundle with a reduced price from here.

Then there’s the fact that the entire fate of the world rests on whether or not Sean Connery’s character decides to defect to the United States. Because, you know, that’s a totally normal thing for a Russian submarine captain to do. It’s like if Darth Vader suddenly decided to join the Rebel Alliance in the middle of “Star Wars.”

Here is our previous Typhoon Model. And yes, there are differences with the Typhoon Class and the Red October.

But perhaps the funniest thing about “The Hunt for Red October” is the fact that it’s a movie about a submarine, and yet, there’s almost no action that takes place outside of the submarine. It’s just a bunch of guys standing around in a cramped metal tube, staring at sonar screens and talking in hushed tones. It’s like if “Die Hard” took place entirely in an elevator.

Typhoon Class and Red October Comparison (source)

All in all, “The Hunt for Red October” is a true comedy classic. Whether you’re laughing at the ridiculous accents, the implausible plot, or the fact that this is supposed to be an action movie but it mostly just involves guys standing around talking, there’s something in this film to tickle your funny bone. So grab some popcorn and settle in for a good laugh.

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