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Cyclops Submersible of Ocean Gate

OceanGate’s Cyclops submersibles have revolutionized deep-sea exploration, allowing scientists, researchers, and adventurers to venture into the most remote and inaccessible depths of the ocean. Designed and built by OceanGate Inc., these cutting-edge submersibles combine advanced technology, robust engineering, and human-centered design to provide an unprecedented window into the mysteries of the deep.

Continue reading for more information, renders and free STL file for 3d printing your own Cyclops submersible model. If you want to get our full cyclops package which includes the model in highest quality STL, 3MF and the Unreal Engine compatible FBX formats then its here. The huge 90+mb file package also includes a acyrillic front hatch-dome and the imploded version of the submarine in the same 3 formats.

Imploded version
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Triton II Midget Submarine

Project 908 Triton-2 small submarine was a highly classified project during the Cold War, and some mystery still surrounds the project. Museum display exemplars and models depict an entirely enclosed vessel with a vestigial conning tower of sorts and various portholes for surface navigation.

Tasks solved by the midget submarine “Triton-2” include covert transportation underwater, disembarkation and return of combat swimmers when they perform special tasks of the Navy in coastal areas. Project 908 “Triton-2” developed by CPB “Wave” St. Petersburg. Development of the project began in 1970, and in 1974 the first prototype was made. Triton-2 submarines were in service with the Soviet navy from 1975 to the 1990s.

multi-part STL pack

Continue reading for more information and free STL file to build your own Triton. Our high-rez multi-part STL file pack is even closer. <–Click

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Delta Class Submarine

I’ve made a 3d printable model of the Delta Class submarines. But before getting to that letsh have some info about the class.


Ahoy, mateys! Prepare to dive into the depths of humor as we explore the majestic and colossal world of the Russian Delta class submarines. These underwater wonders are not your average submarines; they’re more like floating cities with torpedoes and a quirky sense of humor. Join me as we embark on a hilarious journey through the quirks, adventures, and larger-than-life nature of these mighty vessels. So strap on your diving gear and get ready to giggle!

  1. The Delta Diaries: Submarines or Condos?

Continue reading for the rest of the article and 3d printable model STL files. If you want to quickly get the highest resolution sub model with rotating propellers, opening-closing missile silos and separate multiple parts for easy printing and assembly here it is.

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