Mp3 Player Headlight for bikes.

Here is an other bicycle product.

There are already some products in the market that combines mp3 playing and a headlight  but although china originated they are a bit too expensive. on the other hand, there are many headlights, hand torches and mp3 players which all are very cheap.

So I’ve concentrated on this deep 🙂 issue and designed an mp3-headlight-torch suitable both for bike as well as manual usage by using the parts of products which are already present  abundantly and cheaply at the market.

Here is the design

First I’ve bought several cheap mp3 players. They are around 12$ in İstanbul and their performance is quite good, they even have radios and equilizers. 🙂

Here are the mp3 players
Here are the mp3 players

Nice Thing is the players having a small plastic base which is very suitable for being used as a functional part for combining my designed headlight and player itself.

plastic base part
plastic base part
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