Tarre Vizsla Helmet

I modeled this helmet by using some hand sketches wandering around the net.

The model is 3d printable and wearable. Both one piece version and the separate parts version are included in the package. The textures used for the renders are also added. Avisor part is present which should be printed by using a transparent filament. If needed , it can be omitted and the visor can be left empty.

The model differs from the models on the net by being anatomically correct. Its dimensions and form are considerably different from the sketches or other 3d models found on the internet. I’ve made this model by anatomically matching the shape and the dimensions of the average human head. Further size adjustment can be made in the slicer for the helmet to better fit to your head.

Read more for more information.

As usual some minor cutting, shaping and sanding might be required after printing. The parts must be be glued to each other for assembly. Parts can be painted before or after assembly. Due to health and safety, use of screws is not recommended. Some internal padding might be necessary for better fitment to the wearer’s head.

Below you can download a scaled down BUST version for free. It has higher rez than the thingiverse version.

One piece bust version.

The multi piece wearable version is not free, you can purchase the STL files from this link.


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