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Dolphin Class Submarines

The Dolphin class (Hebrew: הצוללות מסדרת דולפין) is a diesel-electric submarine developed in Israel[6] and constructed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG (HDW) in KielGermany, for the Israeli Navy.[7] The first boats of the class were based on the export-only German 209-class submarines, but modified and enlarged. The Dolphin 1 sub-class is slightly larger than the German NavyType 212 in length and displacement. The three newer air-independent propulsion (AIP) equipped boats are similar to the Type 212 vessels in underwater endurance, but are 12 metres (39 ft) longer, nearly 500 tonnes heavier in submerged displacement and have a larger crew than either the Type 212 or the Type 214. More info on Wikipedia.

The dolphin I and II 3d models.

This is a set of 3d models for 3d printing both Dolphin I and II submarines.

Continue reading for the free hi rez STL file, if you are in a hurry, you can get our multi-piece STL pack from here.

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Type XXI submarine

Type XXI submarines were a class of German diesel–electric Elektroboot (German: “electric boat”) submarines designed during the Second World War. One hundred and eighteen were completed, with four being combat-ready. During the war only two were put into active service and went on patrols, but these were not used in combat.

They were the first submarines designed to operate primarily submerged, rather than spending most of their time as surface ships that could submerge for brief periods as a means of escaping detection. They incorporated many batteries to increase the time they could spend submerged, to as much as several days, and they only needed to surface to periscope depth for recharging via a snorkel. The design included many general improvements as well: much greater underwater speed by an improved hull design, greatly improved diving times, power-assisted torpedo reloading and greatly improved crew accommodations. However, the design was also flawed in many ways, with the submarines being mechanically unreliable and vulnerable to combat damage. The Type XXI submarines were also rushed into production before design work was complete, and the inexperienced facilities which constructed the boats were unable to meet necessary quality standards. More info on Wikipedia.

This is a 3d printable model of the XXI class subs.

Free STL is in the artcle, quick get link to our STL pack.

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Laika Class Submarine

Laika class Russian submarines, also known as the “puppy” class, are a curious bunch. They may not be the most advanced or powerful submarines in the Russian fleet, but they sure do have personality. Here are a few things you might not know about the Laika class:

launching missiles

First of all, the name “Laika” comes from the famous Russian space dog who was the first animal to orbit the Earth. It’s a fitting name, because the Laika class submarines are known for their small size and agility. They may not have the same firepower as some of the larger Russian subs, but they can slip in and out of tight spaces with ease.

Laika animations.

Continue reading for the rest.

If you are in a hurry, you can get our improved STL pack from here.

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Red October

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your periscopes, because we’ve got a real treat for you today. Our website owner here has made a 3D model of the infamous Red October submarine. Yes, you heard that right. The submarine that almost started World War III, but with a funny twist.

Red October

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Why on earth would someone make a 3D model of a Russian submarine that doesn’t even exist?” Well, dear website visitors, I’ll tell you why. It’s because our website owner here has a serious obsession with all things submarine-related. And who can blame him? Submarines are basically like underwater spaceships, and who wouldn’t want to make a model of that? Before the model, lets talk about the movie first.

The submarine from the movie “The hunt for the Red October”

In 1990, Hollywood brought us the classic Soviet submarine thriller, “The Hunt for Red October.” Starring Sean Connery as a Russian submarine captain and Alec Baldwin as a CIA analyst, the film was a gripping Cold War tale of espionage and intrigue. But let’s be honest, it was also pretty darn funny.

For starters, the accents in this movie are absolutely hilarious. Sean Connery, a Scotsman, plays a Russian submarine captain who speaks English with a thick Scottish brogue. Meanwhile, Baldwin, an American, tries to sound like a Bostonian CIA analyst. The result is a lot of “Yahd” and “Cah” and “Pahked Cahs” that will have you giggling like a school kid.

But it’s not just the accents that make “The Hunt for Red October” such a comedic masterpiece. The film also has some truly ridiculous plot points. For example, at one point, the Russian submarine actually hides itself in the underwater canyons of the Atlantic Ocean. Because apparently, submarines can just disappear in a few hundred feet of water, no problem.

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Alfa Class Submarine

Alfa class submarines were a series of nuclear-powered submarines developed and manufactured by the Soviet Union during the late 1970s and early 1980s. These submarines represented a major leap forward in submarine design and technology and were considered among the most advanced submarines of their time.

The Alfa class was designed for high-speed, deep-diving operations and was equipped with a state-of-the-art nuclear power plant that allowed the submarines to remain underwater for extended periods of time without the need to surface for air or refueling. The hull of the Alfa was made of high-strength steel and titanium. It was designed to withstand extreme water pressures at great depths, making these submarines ideal for deep-water operations.

One of the most distinctive features of the Alfa class was its innovative propulsion system. The submarines were powered by a liquid metal-cooled nuclear reactor that generated steam to drive a pair of high-speed turbines. This propulsion system allowed the Alfa class to achieve high speeds and excellent maneuverability, even at great depths. The submarines were also equipped with advanced sonar and radar systems, as well as a sophisticated fire control system that made them highly effective in both offensive and defensive operations.

3d printable model of the Alfa class on printable display stand.

Continue reading for more renderings and STL files.

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Sierra Class Nuclear Submarine

The Sierra I class submarines were a group of nuclear-powered attack submarines that were developed and produced by the Soviet Union during the late 1970s and early 1980s. These submarines were designed with the primary purpose of carrying out anti-ship and anti-submarine missions, and they were equipped with a range of advanced weapons and technologies that allowed them to fulfill their intended roles with great effectiveness.


The Sierra I class submarines were notable for their advanced propulsion systems, which utilized nuclear reactors to generate power for their propellers. This allowed these submarines to operate for extended periods of time without the need for refueling, making them ideal for long-range patrols and extended deployments. Additionally, the Sierra I class submarines were equipped with a number of advanced sensors, including sonar systems, radar systems, and periscopes, which allowed them to detect and track enemy vessels with great accuracy.

Another key feature of the Sierra I class submarines was their ability to operate in a wide range of environments, including deep water and shallow littoral waters. This versatility made them particularly useful for a variety of military missions, including reconnaissance, surveillance, and interdiction operations. Additionally, the Sierra I class submarines were equipped with a range of torpedoes, cruise missiles, and other weapons, which made them formidable opponents in any naval conflict.

This is a 3d printable model of the sierra class

Sierra Class with the shark nose.

Continue reading for more images and STL files

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