Gamen Handheld Gaming Device

Gamen is a gaming device with stereo sound&voice capability, 128×64 graphics LCD display, suitable for one or two player games.

Gamen Design

It also has got temperature sensor and real time clock. The device is powered by a PIC 18f4620 microcontroller and has additional eeprom for future needs.

There are several games available for the device including snake, pong, tetris, picman and tic tac toe. New ones are under development.


Gamen interior

Gamen Circuit Schematic

Gamen Circuit Schematic

Downloads Below:

[download id=”17″]

[download id=”25″]

[download id=”26″]


PONG Demo Screen

PONG Demo Screen

In the endtas pong game, two players play against each other by controlling their rackets by pressing the direction buttons at their sides. The game opens with a welcome screen and after 1 sec, passes to demo screen. In demo mode gamen plays pong by itself, controlling both sides and temperature is shown at the top display while time is shown at the bottom display. Time can be adjusted by the buttons at both sides of the screen. When either middle button is pressed, the game starts in two players mode. instead of temp & time, the player’s points start to show.


The hex files of more games for gamen will be available to download here soon.

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