Puch Magnum – Monza Decal Set

3d Printable

a legend from the 1980s
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Puch Magnum Handlebar switches

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Vehicle Gauges.

These are outer cases that can be used for electronic devices, gauges, ligting, mp3 players, speakers, anything you can fit into them.

Read more for more detail images and STL files for more designs.

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Lighting box

This is a shell design which I’ve made for a led vehicle RPM meter. But it can be used for lighting etc indoors or outdoors.

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Moped – Motorbike Headlight

This is a 3d printable headlight design which is used in many mopeds like Hercules Zundapp Kreidler KTM Solo Puch which is getting hard to find nowadays.

Such a timeless design this is.

Read on for more information, images and the STL files for each and every part to 3d print this pretty headlight.

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Headlight Frame Designs

All of them are 3d printable. Diameter is 119mm. Can be scaled up and down in any ratio necessary.

Continue reading the article for the STL files.

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Bike handlebar switch designs

I’ve made some switch designs which can be used in all kinds of bikes with 22 mm handlebars.

Read more to download the files

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Puch Magnum Seat Toolbox Lid

I have made these three toolbox lid designs a while ago. And i guess it is better to publish them instead of keeping in the computer until they get lost due to a HDD failure 😀

You know those plastic lids are get lost very easily. I’ve got 3 magnums and none of them had a lid on it when i bought them. So I made this lid.

They are modeled to be 3d printed. All three fit the original plastic seat tail part. They are printed and tested. Read more for the STL files.

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Puch Moped Electric Conversion

I always loved mopeds, especially puch mopeds and among all, magnums 😀

Several years ago I bought not one, not two but 3 magnums to restore them. Two of them were rather complete, but the third one was not so complete. So i decided to convert it to electric power. So I made lots of calculations and did a lot of design sketches and later 3d models of them.

my first design and overall concept

Later this design has changed a bit to fit the motor and other parts i bought from the market.

Read for more information and also CAD files for my conversion plates and other parts.

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Bicycle Handlebar Light.

Here is the first complete product project of endtas. It is LED headlight for bicycles. It has got two 1W leds, one with a wide angle and the other with a narrow beam angle lens.

The wide lens is a bit turned towards the ground to light up nearby ahead and the other straight ahead for greater distance lighting.

First Design
First Design
First design

This is a microprocessor controlled inttelligent light with 9 lighting modes.

1. Double 5mm led flash

2. Double 1W leds triple flash

3. Double 1W leds continuous flash

4. Continuous power 1st grade + flash/2seconds

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