Batteryless wheel light.

this magnet unit carries a square magnet internally or externally.

Magnet dimensions are 10mmm x 10mm x 2mm.

IF you want to mount the magnet externally, you need to use a magnet with a mounting hole similar to the one in the photo.

NdFeB Channel Magnet w/ Countersunk Hole - Magnets By HSMAG | Magnets,  Neodymium magnets, Phone ring

or use a magnet like the one below and store it internally. But the intensity of the light generated is more when the magnet passes closer to the pickup coil.

N52 Super Strong Neodymium Block Magnet 2x2x1/2” Flat NdFeB Rare Earth  Rectangular Magnet for Science, Projects and Industries, 1-Count:  Industrial Rare Earth Magnets: Industrial & Scientific

if you like there is a much smaller version of a magnet holder on

my thingiverse page. Click here to go to that page.

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