Alfa Class Submarine

STL pack contents

The free STL file is at the last page. But if you want to build a better looking Alfa, maybe you can think about contributing to our website and getting our special STL pack that consists of 13 separate STL files to simplfy your printing, decrease supports required and to obtain a final sub model with finer details. A display stand, two top-hull files for up-down periscope are included in this pack. <– Clicky clicky.

STL pack on a standard print bed.

The STL pack also includes a giant (approx 1m) long R/C hull model, carefully sliced into 6 separate pieces to be easily printed in most 3d printers.

Hull thickness is 4mms, ideal for most 3d printers and later R/C use.
easily printable in pieces, by most 3d printers.

You can get the pack from here too.

The high rez free STL file is at the last page.

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