Fiat 126 Robotic Electric Vehicle

Here are low rez STL files for the carbody, the files in the special file pack is in much higher resolution for better 3d prints. All information necessary to build this project is included in this special file pack.

You can get the special pack with a small donation to our site. —> Click here to get it. (thank you)

The special file pack also has a very nice rear window leuwre and rear hood spoilers, don’t miss it 😉

Click here <—— to get the special file pack. The low res STL’s for the car body are free to download below. You can 3d print them, and use a suitable R/C donor toy/vehicle chassis to build your own R/C fiat


Donor toy chassis
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Hand made plywood chassis can also be an option.

If you get the special file pack, you get our bolt-in 3d printable chassis STL files in it. Enjoy.

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