Vehicle Accesories

New Badges for your vehicle

As always, they are 3d printable.

Continue reading for the high resolution STL files.

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Fiat 126 Steering Wheel

I’ve made this wheel for 3d printing, size is suitable for being used as a keychain or decoration.

Continue reading for downloading STL files

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Fiat 126 Louvre – Hood Scoop

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Puch Magnum 3d printable

This is a new version of my Puch Magnum, specificly prepared for 3d printing.

Magnum LTD, isn’t she a beauty?
the model has running piston, conrod, crank and gears.

Steering, wheels, suspension and engine are all operational with moving parts.

Continue reading for more info, renderings and download links,

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Side Mirrors for Sports Vehicles

This is an update to a mirror set I’ve designed and shared previously. <–Click to open in new tab.

I’ve improved the previous design, fixed some minor mistakes reported by our visitors.

Continue reading for more images and STL file links.

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USB Cellphone Charger Pod

This can be used as a tabletop or wall mount for usb charger modules, at home or on vehicles, bikes to charge phones or powering up other equipment.

two and three socket versions are available to free download. If you need other versions, let us know.

Please continue reading for more information, images and free STL files for 3d printing.

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Fiat 126/500 Engine with details.

Maybe you already know that I’d made a fiat 126/500 engine before. Which was smaller and easy to print with internal moving parts; pistons, crank, fan etc (It is here).

Later I’ve improved it quite a bit and added space for interior electronics for operating it, a reductor dc motor to power it and volume for leds simulating spark plugs.

There are two versions, the sport and the standard as seen below 😀

The engine models can be hand cranked or ran by a small reductor DC motor located in place of the actual engine’s starter motor. Read more for more information and links.

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Fiat 500 Dashboard Clock

A table clock project for the Classical Fiat 500.

1963 Fiat 500 - Giardiniera / Giardinetta | Classic Driver Market
the real thing

Read more for more photos and renders, circuit schematics and all necessary information to build this clock for your table.

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Fiat 126 Dashboard Clock

Well, buckle up folks, because we’ve got a real speed demon of an idea here. Our website owner made a digital clock in the shape of a classic car dashboard. Yes, you heard that right. A clock that looks like it belongs in a vintage fiat 126, but with a digital twist.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Why on earth would someone want a clock that looks like a car dashboard? Isn’t that just a bit ridiculous?” Well, dear website visitors, I’m here to tell you that ridiculous is just another word for awesome. And this clock is awesome.

Just imagine it: a sleek digital clock nestled into the dashboard of a classic car. It’s like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, only it’s actually real. And the best part? You won’t even have to rev the engine to see what time it is.

But this isn’t just any old digital clock. Oh no, this is a clock with style. With a dashboard design, you’ll feel like you’re behind the wheel of a vintage muscle car, even if you’re just sitting at your desk. It’s like having your own little time machine, but without all the messy time travel paradoxes.

The power-on screen is a 126.

So, if you’re a fan of classic cars, or just really into unique clocks for some reason, you’re in for a real treat. Check out our website owner’s dashboard clock and be transported to a world of automotive cool. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll make a clock that looks like a spaceship dashboard, or a pirate ship’s steering wheel, or whatever other wacky idea they can come up with. But for now, let’s just enjoy this ride and watch time fly by in style.

Read more for more photos and renders, circuit schematics and all necessary information to build this clock for your table.

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Dot Matrix Clock

This is a design for use as a table or a in-vehicle clock. It utilizes a DS 1307 real time clock chip and powered by a pic 12F683 microcontroller. The power can be supplied via a standard USB cable.

Read more for more informatin, renderings, step by step assembly photos, STL files for 3d printing as well as source C codes for the microcontroller. Have fun building it.

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