Robur’s Albatros 1m model

Where the Albatros Lands and the Curtain Falls (But Not Literally, Because That Would Be a Mess)

“Robur the Conqueror” isn’t just a novel; it’s a sidesplitting journey through the clouds, where the Albatros is the feathered diva, and Robur is the maestro orchestrating a symphony of chaos. Jules Verne, with his quill dipped in a blend of adventure and comedy, crafts a tale that transcends time, inviting readers to ponder the consequences of progress while chuckling at the absurdity of it all.

In the skies of literature, “Robur the Conqueror” is the Albatros that soars above the rest, leaving us with a sense of wonder. So, fasten your imaginary aviator seatbelts, and prepare for a ride that’s part steampunk drama, part comedy of errors, and all Jules Verne madness.

And what about the 3d model?

We have a 1 meter long 3d printable model, which consists of 192 separate parts. That will be literally a jigsaw puzzle but it will be great when completed. We zipped all these pieces into high-poly STL format and also unreal engine compatible GLB format forming a 50+mb file pack. You can get it from here. The model has got 5 separate floor plans with rooms, windows and doors. You can furnish your Albatros with anything you like, such as tiny furniture :D. The furniture is not included in the package but there are plenty on

You can also check our previous Albatros model (your free STL is there). You can get both the 20cm and 100cm models as a bundle for a reduced price here it is.

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