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Railton Special Speed Record Car

The Railton Special: A Thrilling Tale of Tire-Squealing Speed!


Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen, because we’re about to take a wild ride through the exhilarating world of the Railton Special! This ain’t your grandma’s sedan; this is the stuff of automotive legend, where horsepower meets the pursuit of insanity and then goes, “Hold my oil can!”

A Uniquely Insane Beginning

Picture this: the late 1930s, a time when engineers were less concerned with cupholders and more interested in making things go fast. Enter Reid Railton, a mad genius with an itch to build a car that would send other vehicles crying to their garage. His mission? To break land speed records and make every other car feel like it’s stuck in reverse!

The Heart-Pounding Power

Beneath the hood of the Railton Special lay the heart of a beast, a supercharged 27-liter Rolls-Royce V12 aircraft engine that was basically a mechanical dragon on wheels. With a wild 500 horsepower – that’s right, 500 – this engine made other engines whimper and beg for mercy. It’s the kind of power that could make 0 to 60 mph feel like teleportation, and it did it in less time than it takes to order a fast-food burger.

continue reading for the renderings of the model and the links to the STL files.

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