Type IX Submarine

Another amusing thing about the Type 9s was their habit of playing pranks on their crews. For example, it was not uncommon for a crew member to wake up in the middle of the night to find himself strapped to his bunk with duct tape or covered in shaving cream.

a night underwater

But the real comedy gold happened when the submarines encountered Allied ships. You see, the Type 9s were equipped with powerful torpedoes that could sink even the largest ships. But sometimes, the torpedoes had a mind of their own.

Picture this: a Type 9 is stalking a convoy of Allied ships, its periscope scanning the horizon for a target. The captain lines up a shot, fires a torpedo, and waits for the explosion. But instead of hitting the target, the torpedo veers off course and smashes into a nearby iceberg. The crew of the Type 9 can’t help but burst out laughing as they watch the iceberg crumble into the sea.

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