Solar Charged Bicycle Light

Here is the first complete product project of endtas. It is LED headlight for bicycles. It has got two 1W leds, one with a wide angle and the other with a narrow beam angle lens.

The wide lens is a bit turned towards the ground to light up nearby ahead and the other straight ahead for greater distance lighting.

First Design
First Design


First design








This is a microprocessor controlled inttelligent light with 9 lighting modes.

1. Double 5mm led flash

2. Double 1W leds triple flash

3. Double 1W leds continuous flash

4. Continuous power 1st grade + flash/2seconds

5. Continuous power 2nd grade

6. Continuous power 3rd grade

7. Continuous power 4th grade

8. Continuous power 5th grade

9. SOS signal flash mode. Flashes S.O.S distress signal with 2 1W LEDs.

First design, rear view.








First design, interior planning.

The light circuit is designed to work with two Nokia cell batteries but the prototype is made by using 3AAA type batteries, generating 3.6V aprox. The product can run for days at the minimum power setting and more than 3 hours at max power.

Prototype I made
Prototype interior
Running prototype & Solar panel. Panel will be glued to the top carrier and will be connected to the product by a 3.5mm Jack.






This is the circuit schematic








Here is the hex code for the bicycle light ;  Hex file for bicycle light project (692)

Design & its 3D print
Size comparison with cateye bike light products.



STL file of the design is here ;   STL file for the bike light design (649)

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