Akula Class Nuclear Submarine.

Before giving you the free download link for the one piece submarine + display stand, I’d ask you to consider supporting our site with a purchase of the updated version of the Akula Class model files. These files include multiple STL files for easier printing as well as an empty shell version for more building options such as a R/C submarine.

The versions are listed below

1-one piece version,
2-two hull pieces cut vertically + propeller + base
4-two hull shells cut vertically + propeller + base
5-two hull pieces cut horizontally + propeller + base
6-two hull shells cut horizontally + propeller + base

Here is the Purchase Link. Thank you for your support. The free version is at the last page.

for your information, there are endtas, endas.com vs remarks on all our models and they are for amateur use only.

If you want to download the free one piece version, it is at the next page.

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