Puch Moped Electric Conversion

The motor sits in the location of a puch cylinder normally sit and looks great.

The above design is based on a custom made T gearbox with two identical bevel gears creating a 1:1 gear ratio. It is made for a brushless motor type very easily found on aliexpress and many sites as a kit complete with controller, hand throttle, headlight, gears, chain and some other parts. It is quite affordable too.

The custom gearbox can be milled from a solid block of aluminum. And all the other parts are CNC cut from 5mm aluminium sheet material. It uses commonly found 6203 ball bearings (x4) and associated gaskets. The gearbox is oil tight so could be filled with suitable fluid oil for long lifespan.

The complete unit can be direcly attached to the puch frame via the original engine mounting holes and also screws. It is bolt-on.

The second design is below and it utilizes off the shelf gears sold as replacement for Bosch GWS-20 180 power grinders.

Any similar big sized grinder gear should be adoptable. The gearbox frame is to be made from CNC cut sheet aluminium as well as the other parts. This design is made to an extent to be assembled by using m4 screws without welding. The gearbox frame-box might need welding for completely avoiding oil leaking, or you can use thicker oil inside like grease etc. or try using liquid gaskets during assembly. It is up to you.

Here is a completely black version

Soon I’ll add separate links for dowloading the files for these two designs for amateur use only. Follow this space.

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