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Puch Magnum 3d printable

This is a new version of my Puch Magnum, specificly prepared for 3d printing.

Magnum LTD, isn’t she a beauty?
the model has running piston, conrod, crank and gears.

Steering, wheels, suspension and engine are all operational with moving parts.

Continue reading for more info, renderings and download links,

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Puch Magnum Handlebar switches

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Puch Magnum Seat Toolbox Lid

I have made these three toolbox lid designs a while ago. And i guess it is better to publish them instead of keeping in the computer until they get lost due to a HDD failure 😀

You know those plastic lids are get lost very easily. I’ve got 3 magnums and none of them had a lid on it when i bought them. So I made this lid.

They are modeled to be 3d printed. All three fit the original plastic seat tail part. They are printed and tested. Read more for the STL files.

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Puch Moped Electric Conversion

I always loved mopeds, especially puch mopeds and among all, magnums 😀

Several years ago I bought not one, not two but 3 magnums to restore them. Two of them were rather complete, but the third one was not so complete. So i decided to convert it to electric power. So I made lots of calculations and did a lot of design sketches and later 3d models of them.

my first design and overall concept

Later this design has changed a bit to fit the motor and other parts i bought from the market.

Read for more information and also CAD files for my conversion plates and other parts.

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