Bike Accesories

mp3 player holder for bikes

The mp3 player



The mount is for chinese made rectangular mp3 players which are abundant on the market. They are cheap and run good too.

four parts. The mount holds the player on the handlebar while reflecting the sound of the side-placed speakers to the front.

suitable for bicycles as well as motorbikes.

front view

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Bike Light 3 “the alien”

🙂 This is my third bike light. It uses the same circuitry with the “solar charged bicycle light project”

Alien bike light front left

newly assembled prototype

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Bike Light

Here is a new bike light with stealth concept.

Front side view.

The light is fixed to the handlebar of a bike by an elastic o-ring or a piece of o band cut from an old bicycle inner tube. There is a 3.5mm jack at the side of the product for charging the battery and an on-off switch at the back.

front view, all three leds are visible


The circuit uses 3 leds, one for standby and others 1w white leds for lighting. This is an intelligent lighting system with the details you can read from our first bike light article


read on for downloading the STL file.



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Solar Charged Bicycle Light

Here is the first complete product project of endtas. It is LED headlight for bicycles. It has got two 1W leds, one with a wide angle and the other with a narrow beam angle lens.

The wide lens is a bit turned towards the ground to light up nearby ahead and the other straight ahead for greater distance lighting.

First Design

First Design


First design








This is a microprocessor controlled inttelligent light with 9 lighting modes.

1. Double 5mm led flash

2. Double 1W leds triple flash

3. Double 1W leds continuous flash

4. Continuous power 1st grade + flash/2seconds

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