Oberon Class Submarine Model

Oberon class blueprint versus our model.
Dive planes rotate and fold as they should.

The lump on the nose of the Oberon-class submarine is the bow sonar dome. It is a protruding structure on the submarine’s hull that houses the sonar transducer, which is a device used for underwater acoustic sensing. The sonar system helps the submarine detect and locate other vessels, underwater obstacles, and the seabed. The shape and design of the sonar dome are crucial for optimal sonar performance.


The Oberon class submarines represent a significant chapter in the history of naval technology and submarine warfare. Their development and deployment during the Cold War era showcased the importance of stealth, endurance, and versatility in underwater operations. While the Oberon class may no longer be active in many navies, its impact on submarine design and strategy endures, influencing the development of subsequent generations of submarines.

The free hirez model is below, if you want to build a more detailed model consisting of separately printed parts you can buy our special STL file pack ( <–Click ). The pack includes 30+ parts of highest resolution and it can also be used to build R/C Oberon models (It’s an empty shell, installing mechanics is up to the builder).

Porpoise class nose dome is also included in the same pack. You can build an Oberon or Porpoise class with or without sonar domes by using the files.

Here is the free STL, enjoy and share this website on your social media.

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