Churchill/Valiant Class Submarines

Conclusion: Submarines with a Splash of Adventure

The Valiant and Churchill class submarines might be the backbone of naval defense, but they’ve also got a wild side that’ll have you grinning ear to ear. From their undersea hide-and-seek championships to their covert operations, these submarines bring an element of adventure and humor to the high seas. So, here’s to these aquatic pranksters and their not-so-serious shenanigans, ensuring that even beneath the waves, there’s room for a good-natured laugh and a sense of maritime mischief.

We have a 19+7Mb file pack that includes all 21 parts of the submarine as separate STL files and also high – low poly single piece sub models and game engine compatible .GLB file format with textures etc. You can buy this pack from here. The pack also includes a 2mm shell version, a wrecked version and a full rudder version 😀

The 3D model in an Unreal Engine project.

The single piece high rez STL file for 3d printing your own Valiant/Churchill submarine display model is here, Click to download —->

And this is the wrecked sub model, an even higher rez version of this same model is also included in our file pack. <–Get it, it is worth the low price, and thank you for supporting our efforts.

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