PC in a Macintosh Classic Case


My main objectives were.
 1.Do not alter, cut, deform, change, or break the original Mac’s case.. I felt free to change or dump the circuit boards of the mac. They are not working anyway.
 2.Though I want mawi (MAc WIndows) to be useful for some of for my computing needs,  it should be able to run windows XP.
 3. The machine shouldn’t be expensive, so I planned to construct it by using second hand, cheap but problem free parts.

I started with disassembling the case, took nearly all the parts off. Only left the on off switch, the power inlet and the cooling fan. Though my mac had sat on a depot shelf for years, the high voltaged charge left in the CR tube wasn’t a problem but to be sure, I’ve applied a safe discharging procedure with a electrically insulated screw driver with its tip shorted to the chassis by a crocodile wire. 

 After the disassembly, I’ve cleaned the plastic parts of the case thoroughly by washing and rubbing. I didn’t  apply any chemical cleaning methods like the retro bright etc, I wanted my mac to look a bit normal, old I mean :D. Well like 20 years or so.

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