Strengthening a 3D Printed Part

I ended up with a part like this. I’ve arranged necessary details with required dimensions, and overall enlarged other dimensions to make it a bit bulkier. I’ve enlarged the surfaces for them to be able to carry reinforcing fiberglass fabric.

The First Design

I also made grooves on all sides for the epoxy resin to fill and give the part an extra strength. I’ve modeled holes that go through the part from one side to the other, to connect the sides together internally, provide a link with fiberglass and epoxy to support from the inside.

I’ve printed the part using an Up printer and tested whether it fits to other original parts.

I choose a lattice type fill while printing leaving quite emty space in the printed part. This normally should reduce the strength of the part considerably but it was done for a purpose. I’ve drilled several more holes on the printed part, between the 3d modeled ones for the epoxy resin to flow inside part, giving the part much greater strength.

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